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First, we get to know your business — its needs and objectives — because no one knows it better than you. Together, we identify bottom-line possibilities where we can help devise and deploy a plan to your prosperity.
When your category has been assigned, we inform Membership Business Owners to consider you a First Priority Supplier for any business or personal needs that fall into your Category. This preferred status should insure that you are considered first, when members need your product or service.
Member Owners are committed to this First Priority consideration because it benefits them, in turn. By delivering
Best Value
Best Quality
First Time
Every Time
you earn and expect the same Value, Trust and Loyalty in return.


Your Eyes






Second, Member Owners are consumers, too, with Homes, Cars, Personal Lives & Lifestyles, etc. Like You, they have needs to fulfill beyond their businesses. So why wouldn’t satisfied network members want their Family, Friends, Employees and Customers to enjoy the same Value, Trust and Loyalty rewards?
"It's Not Business . . . It's Personal!" As small business owners, we fully realize that Business, as in Life, is the exact opposite of that famous Godfather Quote "It's not personal, Sonny; It's just business." In truth, it's very personal and one to one. And that is exactly how network members relate to each other.



Customers Coming

Third, as a Member Business, you can actively participate in our planned series of events, seminars and presentations attracting consumer and business audiences beyond the Network. The ulterior purpose for these activities is to constantly discover and deliver prospective Life-Long Loyal Clients for Member Businesses.
Customers are the absolute Lifeblood of a growing, prosperous business. A list of satisfied customers you can count on, and pass on, increases the value of your business! The acquisition of new customers should be a top priority, converting them into life-long loyal clients an immediate second. Our primary focus for your Success is enhancing your access to prospective new customers. Networking, Referrals and Face-to-Face contact are the most effective, proven ways to reach and convert motivated prospects.
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